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Filix School of Education was set up by NANRITAM, a non-profit social welfare organization started in 2002 by a few like-minded professionals who have been working in this remote rural area since 2004, starting with a small eye care unit which had grown into a 100 bedded super-speciality eye Hospital in 2012. Being located in an area which have a modern thermal power station run by highly qualified professionals at one corner surrounded by a largely rural countryside with inadequate social infrastructure, Nanritam appreciated the yearning of increasing number of parents from all classes of society in these areas for quality English-medium schooling for their children, given the link between job opportunities, economic success and the English language. It was noted that even illiterate parents aspire and attempt to do whatever is possible to provide English medium education, often of uncertain quality, to their children because education for them acts as a vehicle of social mobility and a means to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.The Filix school emerged out of Nanritam’s acceptance of this reality that teaching English as a language has become a key determinant for future success and mobility of a child. Nanritam felt that our locational vantage point would enable us to set up a socially integrated schools that would benefit all students as current research shows that when a school reaches a stable level of about 30 percent middle-class students, the lower- income students achieve at higher levels and the privileged students do no worse.The Nanritam team have been visiting a number of pre and elementary schools in USA, Canada and Europe for a direct exposure to their teaching methodologies and research works on child psychology and have adopted those systems in Filix innovatively.
The school has set forth its journey in April 2014 with three pre-school classes : Nursery, KG I, KG II and 70 students in total. By 2018 school has been upgraded to STD VI with a total of 448 children (269 boys and 179 girls ). Number of children from minority community are approx 25%. Their parents are progressive enough to send their children to this model English medium school instead of sending them to the nearby Madrasas as is the general practice in this remote rural backdrop. The existing campus of Nanritam covering 13 acres of land is aesthetically designed. The layout of the campus, architecture of the existing buildings, vegetations and flowers inside, undulating land and greeneries and water bodies in the neighborhood have earned Nanritam admirations from the guests and visitors from both India and Abroad.
FILIX SCHOOL OF EDUCATION covers 3 acres of land within this campus along with its beautiful playground and the children's entertainment park. The curriculum structure for the primary sections is inspired by the global teaching methodology which aims to: 
- Make learning fun through use of various creative teaching materials, exercises, worksheets, dance, drama, music, Games and sports.
- Use innovative new-age teaching technology like audio- visual aids.
- Prepare children to be disciplined and self-dependent from a very tender age. Special focus will be laid on basic hygiene training.
- Provide individual attention to all children. The stress will be to allow children to learn and progress at their own pace.
- Lay less importance on homework and more importance on classroom activity and participation.
- Ensure regular monitoring and provide detailed quarterly report on progress of child to parents.
- Provide opportunity to interact with international Volunteers from time-to- time.


To create self-reliant and responsible future citizens through proper grooming and quality education imparted through a band of dedicated teachers .The target is to make kids liberal in mind but with feet firmly grounded in Indian traditions.


Filix is situated on a 13-acre campus of which 3 acres have been earmarked for the school building and children's play area. The vision for the school is a building with 3 floors, each floor covering an area of 12,000 square feet. 

The first floor of the school has been completely constructed with 12 rooms, and half of the 2nd floor has also been constructed with another 6 rooms, The present infrastructure of the school includes a Computer Lab an Audio-Visual Room and an Indoor game complex. All the classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids. 

The school proposes to complete the construction of remaining half of the 2nd floor by end of February 2018 and complete construction of 3rd floor by end of February 2019 in all respects including interior setup, furniture, fixtures, fittings, etc. 

Apart from completing the basic infrastructure the school looks forward to build and run a Filix School of Education Tinkering Lab for students of the school that may serve the needs of other schools in the vicinity. The proposed Tinkering Lab would support teaching and learning of the what, how and why aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and include a design studio for playful invention, investigation, and collaboration and a workshop fully fitted with equipment, tools and an deliberate assortment of materials where students can deeply engage in an investigation of scientific phenomena, and make something from an idea. 

The lab would provide for STEM education through LEGO, a Science Lab: offering practical science experiments like banana piano, cloud-in- a-bottle, potato batteries etc. An Astronomy Lab for practical astronomy sessions, Arrangement for 3D Designing & Printing, Creative Computing using Scratch (a block based programming tool developed by MIT) and MakeyMakey (an invention kit for everyone), a Learning corner, a Digital Library and a Language Lab.




The Nanritam walked into the Beach Grove School, Vancouver, Canada on 11th June 2015. Beach Grove Elementary School was opened in 1967 as a satellite school to Boundary Bay Elementary, which was closed in 1981. There were classes from Kindergarten to Grade 4 at the school.


The UBC Child Care Services operates just under six hundred licensed spaces in twenty-five locations on campus and employs more than a hundred and twenty early childhood educators. The basic philosophy of the services is that children thrive within warm, sensitive caring relationships; that play enhances children’s well-being, creativity, and knowledge(s) and that challenge produces critical thinking skills and learning possibilities. These beliefs guide their approach to child care including caregiving, relationships with families, inclusion, behaviour guidance and all other aspects of the curriculum.


Nanritam’s search for good models of running a school took the Nanritam team to Enders Elementary School, at Springdale Street, Garden Grove California in May 2015. This is one of the largest public schools in Los Angeles, USA. The teachers in the school have complete autonomy over the class assigned to them. They decide on what sort of charts, posters and decorations are to be put up on the walls of the classroom.


Dr. Bharati Bakshi Vice President and Ms. Ranjana Sengupta Secretary Nanritam had, in the course of a fund raising cum exposure trip to USA, Canada and other European countries, visited a model Montessori school at Rotterdam, Netherlands where Dr. Maria Montessori had actually introduced the system. They were shown around the school by Ms. Tessa Wessel, the Principal of the School herself. The visitors were pleasantly surprised to note that in spite of their somewha t unfamiliar attire, and different looks, the children remained engrossed in whatever they were busy with and were not the least distracted.

Finland primary school visit, Granhultsskolon

When Filix School of Education at Nanritam’s campus at Para closes for the summer recess, two of Nanritam’s Board members who have dedicated themselves to this school, go out to places wherever Nanritam’s friends and well-wishers are, seeking their support in making Filix School grow, not in numbers, but in the quality of education it provides. Nanritam is fortunate to receive the blessings of the revered monks of the Ramakrishna Mission from many centers in different parts of the world, as also from distinguished academicians like Professor Kaushik Basu and many others like him.

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A visit to a kindergarden School, FInland

Dr. Bharati Bakshi, Vice President, and Ms. Ranjana Sengupta, Secretary of Nanritam continues their account of the schools in Finland. "Our second-day visit was to a Kindergarten school of Finland with 43 children in two sections - 30 of them between 5-6 yrs and 13 between 1-4 years. All kindergartens in Finland are paying daycare center, but are optional. Parents may choose home-schooling for their wards. When the children are 6 yrs old, it is mandatory to have them admitted to a preschool for one year. 








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