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‘New Year’ is all about celebrating and sharing one’s happiness with others. In Filix school, students celebrated their new year with great enthusiasm. Filix students decorated their school with balloons, paper flowers, butterflies, and cards. They made gifts for other students but only with material that we usually throw into the bin. Some of the students made flower vases with old water bottles, and some of them made vases with earthen teacups. Some students made paper boats. They wrapped their gifts without mentioning the name of the giver, and their friends had to identify who the gift had come from.

On this auspicious day, students came to school just to celebrate their festive feelings with their friends. Their teacher Nupur Nayak shares their mirth and liveliness with all friends and well-wishers of Nanritam and wished them all “A very happy and healthy New Year” from the Filix School of Education.

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