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Anushi- Filix’s Storyteller becomes a World Champion

ACEnovation Hub Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore is an institution which believes ‘…our stories change lives’.

ACEnovation started collaborating & hosting a World Storytelling Championship since 2021.

The first edition of this event was held in l27th December 2021
There were 33400+ participants.

131+ countries.400+ judges. 6 categories.3+ to 103+.

And they finally selected 6 world champions from India, South Korea, Nigeria, Iran, Taiwan.

58800+ participants from 137 countries world wide were in the fray for the championship held in 2022 out of which judges selected 71 contestants as finalists.

Filix School of Education boasts of 6 finalists, of which 3 students were from Junior and 3 were from the senior category.

This post is about one of them who won the First Runner’s Up award in the 16-18 age category in this Global Competition.

Anushi Nigar, a 16 year old, is about to write her CBSE examinations next month. She lives in Barandanga village situated in a remote pocket of Purulia district. Her parents work in a neighbourhood madrasa.

Anushi has been attending Filix School of Education run by an NGO Nanritam since Grade 4.

She represented her school in the World Storytelling Championship organised by ACEnovation Hub, Anushi’s entry on Pulwama attack was shortlisted among the top 71 entries

Anushi won the First Runner’s Up award in the 16-18 age category.

Anushi’s background, challenged geographically and socio-economically, makes her achievement all the more stupendous as she had to match strides with students of elite international schools round the globe.

Her presentation was a poem themed on Culture.

Where a day and night,
Alike, are bright
Where the hustling cities
Rest between the folk stories
Where the sun sets
But no sooner, the oil lamps light up
Colours of love—you find on empty whites
An ambitious good number of youth
Dwell to reach great heights
Such a culture is where I belong to
Such a land, rare in a few
The rain here stops by windows
Driven by the smell of freshly fried fritters
The winter round a burning fire
Lights up bangles and distinct attires
As crowns, my men adorn turbans
While my women—aanchals
Clad in kurtas and sarees
Be it the Punjabis, the Tamils or the Biharis
From paper mache of Jammu
To sunrises and sunsets of Kanyakumari
Or from Gujarati garba to the forests of Arunachal
Every corner of my world bears a different story
Each flower here blooms to
The carols of Christmas,
The warmth of Eid or in the glory of Maa Kali
I arise as a Bengali
Solely and Proudly, I am an Indian.

Let us all join our hands and congratulate Anushi for her grand success.

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