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At Filix School, we believe in the power of creativity and its role in education. Our unique approach to learning is centered around an art-integrated curriculum that spans from kindergarten to class X.

In our kindergarten and primary school, we seamlessly blend creativity with every discipline of study. Art, craft, and decoration aren’t just occasional activities; they are an integral part of our daily routine.

Our students have made us proud by representing the district in state-level football competitions. We regularly organize tournaments in football, volleyball, and kabaddi to encourage healthy competition and teamwork.

Each day begins with art-integrated thematic activities during our morning meetings, fostering a love for learning that goes beyond textbooks. Our students take immense pleasure in decorating their class boards every month, expressing their creativity and making their learning environment vibrant and inspiring.

We understand that nurturing artistic talents from a young age not only enhances creativity but also promotes holistic development. At Filix School, we’re committed to providing an education that celebrates the power of imagination and the joy of learning. Join us on this artistic journey!

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