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At Filix School of Education, our commitment to ecological sustainability is reflected in our lush, green campus that remains impeccably maintained throughout the year. We believe in instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in our students, and they play a pivotal role in preserving the natural 0beauty that surrounds us.

Every year, our students actively participate in Earth Week celebrations, where they engage in various activities aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation. Through our art-integrated initiatives, students channel their creativity to spread the message of preserving the goodness of nature. They craft beautiful rakhis using flowers and leaves, symbolizing their connection to the environment.

By nurturing this eco-conscious mindset, our students grow up as passionate nature lovers who understand the importance of sustainable practices. At Filix School, we are dedicated to not only providing a quality education but also fostering a deep respect for our planet, ensuring that our students become responsible stewards of the environment.

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